Murray Taura


World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
Raetihi, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs Hinerongui (sister), Manunui, New Zealand

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Murray also known as Mare Taura was my birth father. He had 4 children to Pura Taiaroa. Christine Chung, Marina Williams, Rodney Taura and myself Barbara Lloyd.

Murray (Mare) Taura was a Te Tawhero his father was Taura Te Tawhero, and he had three brothers and also sisters. His brothers were Herewini and Haitana - if you are connected to these names please leave a comment

Tena koutou What are the connections to Bill Haitana who's father was Te Tawhero Haitana from Raetihi? In WWII Bill was in the NZ Navy. My husband is his eldest grandchild, He and I have 8 children. Very interested in researching their whakapapa.

Is it true that Irwin Rommel, Germany’s finest general, honoured the Maori Battalion with this saying. “Give me a thousand of these men and I shall rule the world”? I have children who have heard this legend from their grandfather. I just wondered it was true. Khali Haitana

Just finished viewing the video of the welcome home for the POW in Rotorua. My father Mare Taura was a POW - I never met him, he married our mother when he came home from the war then had us. I was being the youngest of his children was born in 1951 he died in 1956 so I never really knew him - I was looking so hard in the video hoping to get a glimpse of him but alas no luck - the film was too short Barbara

Tena Koe, they are the same family, Bill and Betty were my Aunty and Uncle, I can remember two of his children, I went to school with both of them, (Puti and Margaret) last time I saw them was when I was going to Primary school in Raetihi

Tena Koutou whanau, my great grandfather is the mokopuna of Te Tawhero and Ngatimaria, his name is Tamakana (Tom) Haitana, second eldest son of Haitana and brother to Horipotairua (George), Tuwhakairikawa (Harry), Tepiki Kotuku (Johnny), Tupaka (Jimmy), Wiri (Bill), Huarangi (Sarah), my mother is Maria Waara from Raetihi, daugther of Eruera Waara (Joe) and Dorothy Haitana, eldest child of Tamakana (Tom) and Mary Alice Allaway.

Tena koe, Te Tawhero Haitana and Ngatimaria, had sons, Haitana, Herewini and Taura and also daughters, Mataera, Papara, Ngaropi, and Wairata. I believe Bill is my great grandfathers (Tom) Tamakana, brother who is the son of Haitana. This is what i have down in my whakapapa, if anyone has different i would appreciate feedback from whanau. 

This is a very interesting thread. My grandmother was Sarah (Huarangi) Haitana, my father was her 3rd child(2nd son) Leonard James (Jim) Deadman, he grew up and went to primary school around the Raetihi area. He died 18years ago and Grandma died 17years ago so a lot of the pieces of the puzzle about who is who are missing but it is so interesting to read about.

They were first cousins - Herewini, Haitana, Taura were brothers - their surname was Te Tawhero, Taura was Mare father. I assume then that Olivia and Puti are your sister-in-laws - so is your husband called Kenneth, I knew a Kenneth and he was Olivia and Puti brother - Bill Margaret was their dad

My mum is Hine Rongonui and Uncle Murray was her brother. This is good now I know how the Haitana and Herewini are related to us.Uncle George and Aunty Margaret Haitana lived in Raurimu. They had a big family I only remember the ones around my age. Wayne,Brian, Ollie, Stella and Bobby.

Yes it's true Uncle Morris Te Whitu told me that the Germans were scared of the Maoris because of their Haka, and yes they did say that about the Maori Battalion

Kia ora, thanks for your comment. It doesn’t look as if we have any information on your grandfather. But you should request his personnel file from the NZDF. This will give you details pertaining to his war service. See this link for details - All the best with your search. Noho ora mai, Leanne Tamaki (Site Admin)