Moana Kawana Hunia

Moana Kawana

World War 2

Serial No
Address on enlistment
4 Airport Road, Wanganui, New Zealand
Next of kin
Mrs W.K. Waitere (sister), 7 Konini Street, Gonville, Wanganui, New Zealand
Next of Kin originally entered as 'Mrs K.W. Waitere (nephew)' by mistake. See also comment re-name below.

Comments (4)

This is Takimoana (Doug) Kawana Hunia, and the next of kin is a little confusing, I wonder if it isnt meant to be Mrs W. K. Waitere, who was his sister? This would make a lot more sense.

I'm finishing the family tree for the Parata Family and Takimoana is a descendant of Wi Parata. His name comes up as Takimoana Kawana (Douglas) Hunia and had a wife Ruihi (Lucy) Arthur. Takimoana has a sister Waiharakeke Kawana Hunia married to Piripi Waitere and they have a son Kawana Waitere (nephew). Takimoana is one of 4 children of mother Ruakohatu RopataS Govind

Yes you are right that Takimoana was one of four children who made it to adulthood. He had a brother named Pahia who was named after Ruakohatu's brother Pahia Ropata who died in Gallipoli in WWI. His other sister was Paeroa. Takimoana has an adopted son who is still around, otherwise Paeroa is the only one who has living descendants. She is my grandmother.